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 Most people would describe us as a global, full-service agency. But we think of ourselves as marketers with great stories to tell. We are positively obsessed with our clients and make it our business to uncover what’s unique about their business.  Give us the most complicated product or service offering and we’ll make it easy for anyone to understand, embrace and, most of all, trust.  Who we are is really what we do — we make the complex simple. And the simple, very, very powerful. 


Combining breathtaking design, compelling narrative and cutting-edge technology, we use every tool in our arsenal to illuminate what makes our clients’ products special. We connect brands with the right customers, across a rich and varied landscape of media. We believe in extending the “big idea” beyond traditional media by creating robust digital platforms that connect both on-line and off-line marketing to consumers at the most poignant times and in the most interesting ways. We believe that extraordinary marketing can be both a discipline and an art form. The art is in doing it well. The discipline is in doing it right.  We are EG+.

所属部署名: テクノロジー & PMOグループ
上司: テクノロジー & PMOディレクター
肩書き: Webディレクター(デジタルプロデューサー)
勤務地: 虎ノ門オフィス(虎ノ門駅)





  • 大学卒


  • ウェブサイト、マイクロサイト、LP(ランディングページ)制作管理の経験
  • システムエンジニアとの社内調整の経験2年以上
  • AEM、Sitecore、Drupal、WordpressなどのCMSプラットフォームに関する経験
  • Microsoft Officeツール(Word、Excel、Powerpoint)のスキルは必須。XD、Photoshop、Illustratorのスキルがあれば尚可。
  • 情報設計(サイトマップ、ワイヤーフレーム、ユーザーフロー)制作の実務経験
  • 日本語を母国語とする方。英語スキルがあれば尚可。


  • ソリューション指向型で論理的思考ができ、臨機応変に対応ができる。責任感・自主性があり、他者への思いやりがあること。前向きで協力的であること。
  • 同時並行で複数のプロジェクトを管理していただくため、極めて計画的に物事を進められること。
  • スピードが求められる環境において、複数のデザインおよび開発チーム、その他関係者からのプレッシャーがある中で幅広いプロジェクトを管理することに苦痛を感じないこと。


  • バージョン管理システムの理解
  • タスクベース/PM管理ツール(Jira、Smartsheetなど)の理解
  • サイトデザイン、フロントエンド開発(html/css/js)、SEOの知識
  • UAT/MAT実行およびテストシナリオの作成経験
  • 運用業務


Department: Technology & PMO Group
Reports to: Director Technology & PMO
Title: Web Director (Digital Producer)
Location: Toranomon Office (Toranomon Station)

The Digital Producer is responsible for managing digital development ensuring projects are scoped and defined correctly, resources and vendors are assigned and managed and QA is planned as well as the overall execution of a project.



  • College graduate


  • Proven experience working in a digital / web project management role (3 years min), in a software development company is a plus.


  • Experience of web site, micro site and LP production management
  • More than 2 years' experience of internal coordination with system engineer
  • Experience with CMS Platforms such as AEM, Sitecore, Drupal, and Wordpress
  • Microsoft office tools (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) skill is mandatory, XD, photoshop, illustrator skill is plus
  • Hands-on experience of producing IA (site map, wireframes and user flows)
  • Native Japanese, English skill is a plus


  • Solutions-oriented, logical thinking and resourceful. Accountable, independent, and mindful of others. A positive attitude and a collaborative personality.
  • Be highly organized to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Comfortable managing a range of different projects in high speed environment under pressure with multiple design and development teams and stakeholders


  • Understanding of version control systems
  • Understanding of Task-based/PM management tools (Jira, Smartsheets etc.)
  • Knowledge of site design, frontend dev.(html/css/js), and SEO
  • Proceeding UAT/MAT, and creating testing scenarios
  • Operational work


EG+ is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. EG+ does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability status, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.

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