Producer Localisation


• The Producer is the main point of contact for all our clients. 

• All producers are allocated accounts and it is their responsibility to look after the clients from brief to delivery of each project.

Main Aims:

• Working closely with their Senior Producers and escalating any issues 

• Managing the workflow, budgets and timing plans for all their jobs 

• Ensuring prompt and clear communication with all clients 

• Working with the TV Coordinators to manage bookings and deliveries 


• Client relationships - making sure that all our clients feel well looked after and responding to all their calls & enquiries promptly 

• Working with editors and production coordinators to provide accurate timing plans 

• Estimates based on briefing from clients and internal production meetings on projects 

• Ensure cost approvals and/or PO's are received in advance of starting production (client workflow dependent) 

• Consult clients on best approach to their work, and providing detailed  information on how we are to carry out their projects 

• Job Numbers are created for all projects, and the costs are managed and reconciled correctly before closing the jobs 

• All paperwork (quotes, timing plans, reconciliations, scripts, cost approvals, PO's, media plans, correspondence) are stored within the job 

• To ensure that the project titles are correct 

• To highlight extra charges or extra sessions in advance of the expenditure 

• To ensure that the editors, audio mixers and data wranglers are fully briefed and that all elements are provided in advance of the session 

• To ensure that the production coordinators are aware of delivery detail as soon as briefed from client so that the appropriate preparations can be made 

• Producers must attend all their edit, audio and QC sessions 

• Producers must QC all their projects before being sent to client - checking that clocks, titles and audio mixes are correct 

• Competitive third party quotes are sought and negotiated on behalf of all our clients 

• Producers must manage all third party costs and ensure that these are being estimated for correctly, and that the client approves these in advance of the expenditure 

• All third party suppliers are briefed appropriately and PO's provided 

• Following up and ensuring that all their jobs are delivered 

• Confirm with clients safe delivery or flag problems as soon as aware 

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